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Where it began

The Angelo brand was founded by Luke Angelo in 2021, initially as a Web Design Agency. Since then we’ve grown and now offer a full range of marketing services. We’re based in the town of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, the birthplace of rugby league.

The name Angelo literally means “Angel” in Italian, and we love to take businesses under our wing and transform their marketing strategy. We strive to be honest, humble and helpful with all of our clients. Our team take pride in seeing your business grow, and giving a helping hand with your website and social media.

Our vision

Variety is the spice of life, and we apply that to our service offerings. Traditional Web Design agencies often just build your website, launch it, then leave it. Unless your website is actively marketed, it won’t receive traffic or help your business. That’s why we offer Social Media Advertising, SEO and ongoing support to all of our clients. Your website should be a long-term investment, not a one-off gig.

One thing that connects all of your digital marketing together is data. We make sense of the numbers, and use data to make key decisions for your website and social media accounts. Emotions alone can’t drive big marketing decisions, and we look to data to guide us.

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What makes us different from other agencies?

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We strive to be open and honest in everything we do. Every client is given transparent pricing, and regular performance updates. You’ll know exactly where your budget is being spent, and what results it’s generating. No unrealistic promises or technical jargon – just good honest marketing.

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Our team consists of industry experts, who have worked for successful agencies. You’ll be communicating directly with the people working on your project. Not account managers or middle men. This means your budget is spent more efficiently. We’re here to make marketing simple, and help you learn along the way.

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We’re relentless perfectionists with a thirst for knowledge. Each new project is an opportunity to challenge ourselves and learn. With our attention to detail, we thoroughly analyse your business and its specific needs. We don’t take shortcuts, and we strive to create results which you can be proud off.